I'm using FF version 3.0.2 on 64-bit Vista. Every once in awhile it will just simply crash. I can restart and it will take me back to where it was when it crashed. Anyone know why it does that?

I am tracking down a similar problem except that it hangs.

Have you noticed any similarities around what you are doing when it happens? Watching YouTube? Looking at embedded vids?

A lot of people have been having problems with the recent versions of Firefox crashing. I've tracked my problems down to flash player (mostly facebook scrabble) but it has issues with embedded videos as well. For me it just inflates until it's using as much as 3GB of ram (usually more like 1.5) and then slows down to the point of being unusable. If I restart it the windows will load back working fine and using only a few hundred MB of memory.

You know that a Firefox crash can be a sign of just about anything, try disabling the plug-ins you don't use and keep an eye on similarities between your activities at crashes.

And if your problem, and grimjacks as I suspect, also has to do with flash (youtube and most other embeded videos are flash) I'm starting to suspect a memory leak in the new version of firefoxes flash plug-in.

I agree! It is almost always after I have watched any vid. Lately, I have taken to open all the the stuff I want to read into new tabs before I start watching the vids (I follow a lot of political blogs - from http://therightwing.net/ and Politico.com to David Korn and field negro and financial blogs like http://baselle.savingadvice.com/). Once I have loaded up then I start watching vids and pretty soon FF locks up; I am even unable to remove the process via Task Manager and have to re-boot, which takes an inordinately long time.

I too have had similar problems; Flash player seemed to be the culprit in my case. I now find that FFv3.08 (and Flash 10.0r22) is much more stable.

Thanks people -- glad to know its not just me. There was an update installed a day or so ago so hopefully it fixed the problem. FF hasn't died on me since then.

I've actually gotten to the point of using IE to handle flash content...

Well, its not fixed yet afterall. I just attempted to visit DaniWeb and FF crashed on me again. I wonder if DaniWeb has any flash content?