I cant log into hotmail at all.(Mozilla, IE, Messenger).
I get "connection was refused when contacting login.passport.com"

One strange thing:
when I can log in2 hotmail I cant log in2 my ISP site
when I can log in2 my ISP site I cant log in2 hotmail

I used many hotmail IDs but none work :cry:

I used AVG free and scanned my computer but no virus. It's ^ 2 d8

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Does everything else on the Internet work? Just not your ISP's homepage or Hotmail, but never both at the same time? How do you connect to the Internet (dial-up modem, DSL, cable modem)? Who is your ISP? Are you using a hub, switch, or router of any kind?


Yes everything works fine. I can log into yahoo. I use adsl. My ISP is Airtel(India). I'm using POTS.


Hi Dani, did you have any more joy with solving this problem? I have a client who is unable to log onto Hotmail (.com or .co.uk) and also cannot reach it via the MSN site.

I discovered your site through a Google search for solutions. Looks very useful for all sorts of things (a bit too late to start exploring it all this evening though!) - thanks for what must have been / is a load of work keeping it together.

If you have any pointers for a solution they'd be much appreciated.



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