Banner Printing, w/HP in XP.
I have a computer that is running XP SP2 with an HP Deskjet 812c, I can't print a banner on banner paper. I did it in 98 with the same printer. Several friend also running XP with HP printers also have the same problem. HP tech support was no help. Thanks in advance. Tim

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What softeware program are you using to print the banners with? It may simply not be compatible with Windows XP. This doesn't sound like a printer problem, it sounds like a software one!


Print Shop
However in the printer preferences, where you select the paper type there is no listing for continuous feed, banner paper.


Are you using the most up to date Windows XP printer driver for the 812c? You'll find it on HP's website. Is your version of Print Shop a recent version or an old version?

If you are using software and drivers from an installation CD, and the device was purchased some time ago, then its highly likely that it's outdated and there will be incompatibilities and other problems.

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