hi this is my first post, i had my wireless network all set up working fine then i reformatted my main desktop, it was always hardwired to the router, after the reformat i cannot connect threw a wire, only lets me do it threw wireless, anybody no how to fix this?

Do you know if your network card is working?

Go to network connections and see if the wired one is there?

Also does it show that it is connected on the router? Should be a light on for something like Lan 1 or 1.

it has the light lit yet, also network connections show my wireless one and 1394 connection only

Does the wire connection display as connected/enabled/disabled?

Can you acces your router via the PC using the router IP address?

it shows both connections as connected

i tried using the ip address but cant remember the login as its two years ago, il look threw some files and see if it helps, thanks for the help so far, il keep you posted

ok well i cant find the login, so anyother help?

Are you sure it isn't blank or user Admin password admin. The password and user maybe on the back of the router.

You can reset the router to it's factory settings to regain access.

However it doesn't prove you connections are working.

Is your internet connection via ethernet?

Ethernet is what will be connected between your computer and the router.