I'm aware of the security concerns however I whenever I shutdown Internet Explorer my history and previous searches is cleared as well as the passwords I use (ie, Yahoo Email). I want these things to stay available even after I shutdown my computer. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated and helpful!

I am running Internet Explorer 6.0 on a HP with Windows 98SE.

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Thanks in advance-

A few things you can try...

Go to your Internet Options control panel and have a look at the following settings:

- Under the General tab, adjust the setting of the "Days to keep pages in history" option.

- In the Security section under the Advanced tab, uncheck the "Empty Temporary Internet Files...." option.

- Under the Security tab, hilight the "Internet" zone and then click the "Default Level" button.

- If you have any third-party privacy/cookie blocker/pop-up blocker/etc. programs installed, check their preferences as well.

if you are using any tools such as adaware se to remove spyware you might want to stop using them. Adaware detects and allows you to remove cookies, which may be where you are losing your passwords from.