My internet is showing "limited connectivity" when I hook it up to my home network. The connection was fine before up until I installed "Punch! Professional Home Design Suite" on my laptop. The program has a copyright of 2000. After rebooting after installing this program I could not connect to the internet. I tried several different locations within my house and various cords. Another computer hooked into the same network has no problems at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and the card says its working fine. I tried restoring the computer to an earlier point but the system restore says that it cannot restore since no changes have been made.

I run Win XP on a laptop. I've run the winsock repair program just in case it was the problem from SP3, and still nothing. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I had a similar problem around october of last year but the technican that looked at my computer apparently fixed it then by disabling the "allow the computer to turn this device off to save power feature". That feature is currently disabled and I'm still having issues.

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I'm having the same problem on a vista computer, it's a desktop computer running wireless (problems with ethernet, won't work) and my internet is showing up on Limited Connectivity, but it still works...and the modem is like...1 foot away from the wireless antenna on the times it shows limited, next I restart and shows excellent, but other computer is running problems...and the turn off device thing you said above is disabled on my network card as well...but I'm not sure if my internet is causing any problems...and I sure don't have a solution to your problem...

Can you both pls give configuration of your computer :

1) OS(Operating System).

2) Wi-fi card in your computer.( using a wireless USB drive,builtin wi-fi card or installed a wi-fi card inside computer?)

3) base station(the device with which your computer is connecting,
eg. wireless router).


r u using a LAN connection to connect your computer to the
the home network? The punch pro that you have installed definitely is causing the problem. Make sure that this punch pro
is not blocking incoming connections to your computer.
When you try to connect your computer with the home network,
this punch pro definitely is not allowing your computer to get a valid
IP address.

Read the manual of this and see what does it says.

If you still donot find any information about how to unblock the
incoming connections to computer, contact the vendor from
where you have purchased this product and take guidance from them.


Did you install any anti-virus, anti-spyware or any such security program
on your computer before you started to have this problem?

Make sure you disable those programs and then see if you are still geting
that error messege "Limited and no connectivity".

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