My computer freeze from time to time specially when encoding videos, scan for viruses or copying large files I have p4 2Ghz 512 MBRAM 40Gb and 120 Gb hard disk running on Windows XP home pleases help me :) ?????

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Computer freezes usualy fall to this category:

Defective or mismatched components in your computer.

Aluminum Migration & ESD:
Premature ageing and Electro Static Discharge can make a computer very intermittent.

Operating System:
Some versions of Windows have bugs that can cause these problems.

Buggy or down-level drivers can cause many problems.

Some programs have bugs in them that can cause these problems.

Memory Fragmentation:
Do you often see the message, "System is dangerously low in resources" If so you are probably suffering Memory Fragmentation.

CMOS Settings:
Improper CMOS settings can cause many problems. Changing CMOS settings can also be used to help diagnose some hardware problems.

Loading Order:
The order in which the software components of your computer are loaded into memory, at startup each day, can cause a multitude of odd problems.

A Combination of the above:
Defects in any of the above may only show up under specific circumstances.

if your going to be encoding video, id get more ram, and id defrag all your harddrives

Thanks guy ... I'll try some

I had similar problems, if you want to check my thread, I think I have solved it by flashing the BIOS. Hope this will help. I had already bought a new VGA Card but did not solve the problem. So you can flash the BIOS at first with a newer update, and then go by the process of elimination...

Well mine has a similar problem but this time if you leave the PC idle for 30 mins or so it freezes and thats gonna destroy my system if it continous :sad:

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