Hey guys,

On my Windows XP Computer, a few days ago I was watching a flash video and my computer froze. When it froze, it started to make a beep noise (no delays, just one uninterrupted beep). Since then I've had a variety of issues. They include:

1. I'd restart the computer, use it for a little bit, then a slow freeze would occur while browsing. For example, I'd be using Firefox, I'd try to load a new page, and it would freeze up while I still was able to control my mouse. However, I wouldn't be able to click or open up anything. This would force me to restart.

I would also get a freeze where I'd open up a program and it would appear in the bar but it wouldn't have a border around it. It would never load and I've have to restart.

2. Firefox and Internet Explorer have been crashing frequently. They give the Application Errors that say "... has encountered an unexpected error... send error info, etc.". It seems like these usually happen on JavaScript heavy pages like Gmail.

Some of the things I've tried so far:

1. Turned off the computer and ran a fan next to it for a few hours. When I started it back up again, it froze a little while later.

2. Open up the case and vaccumed out most of the dust. Didn't really help much.

3. Installed a Spyware detector. Nothing found.

4. Ran a Registry cleaner. This did find a decent amount of problems (mostly path not found, etc.) but it still froze after I repaired them all.

5. Uninstalled a bunch of old programs, stopped a lot of unused services, and disabled a lot of processes at startup. Still freezing, though.

Anybody have any ideas what might be happening? So many things can cause freezing that it's tough to diagnose this.