hi, i just upgraded my win 98 to win2k (using the upgrade to win2k option instead of installing a new win2k)
when i boot up, entering the page where i key in the acount and password, after keyin the username and password, it shows a "loading" and "saving settings" then it returns to the same page where it asks for the username and password. it happens again and again and i'm stuck on that page. is there anything i can do about or another way to boot my windows so i can reinstall it or something? i can't format the drive for a new installation because i have important data inside. help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

try booting to safe mode

after post continue to press f8 over and over (to make sure you catch it)

you should get a options screen boot to safe mode

make your self another account with admin permissions

also as a side note NEVER upgrade from a 9x serries to a NT serries OS as you drag problems from the 9x with you :)

hi, thanks for the reply. but i can't even log into the admin account. it jus goes back to the same screen. something like a RESET. any other way i can get in windows>?