Hi, a friend of mine is expierencing a problem on his Sony VAIO with Windows XP. Here is the message he sent me....

I was playing Couter-Strike, and my comp froze totally, so i rebooted, and when it did there was some blue lines on the VAIO and P4 logos. Then it went to the blue progress bar and WindowsXP loading screen and it had white lines going vertically. Then it asked me to safe mode boot, safe mode w/ networking, all those options. And it was green with some black rectangles going horizxontally. So i looked in safe mode @ the device manager and it said nothing was worong with the video card. I tried reinstalling windows even. Also, Vaoi comes w/ a built in wizard, But when it starts Preparing to start..... after it's reformatted and it has to finish installing It auto reboots and i dont know why. And then I tried to go into safe mode and it says like installation not fully complete plz run install script again or something. Cuz it rebooted when I tried to reformat. I had my stepdad called sony. They said to use the wizard by pressing f10 at startup. We did that and it keeps rebooting right before it goes to complete the install

does anyone have any suggestions to this problem? All help/feedback is much appreciated.

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