Ok, I need help please....here's the rundown. I have a laptop running vista. I became infected with "windows security suite" that I have found out is a spyware/virus. It bogged my computer down really bad, internet explorer and all the other functions would try and run, then just lock up and stopped responding. I tried to download malwarebytes which i read was designed to get rid of windows security suiite but it would lock up half way through its scan. I had tons of pictures on the computer I did not want to lose so, in an effort to not lose them, I did a system resore to about a week ago when I was confident the virus wasn't there.
It worked perfectly, I was able to access my pictures and get them off my computer. The problem is I can't connect to the internet now. I use a wireless router. I tried plugged the cable directly into my laptop and followed all the self diagnostics but still nothing....anybody have any ideas.....I'm drowning....please help

Is not uncommon for malware to set elements to reside in the Sys Restore directories. Obviously you have at least one machine connection to the net, so DL MalwareBytes and Combo Fix, save to thumbdrive, and use to install on problem system.

Let's see if we can't get the current install up and running before we look at more drastic measures.

Ok, I don't have internet access on my laptop, so i will download today and install tomorrow. What is this supposed to do? get rid of the virus? could it be the virus that's causing my internet explorer to not work?

Yes to both questions.

ok, So i installed the malwarebytes, ran the scan, it found 2 threats, I removed them, but nothing, still can't get online. called my internet provider, they came replaced the modem with a wireless one, but still nothing. the installer got on the phone with his IT department, who said I have to do a full system restore. What a pain....any ideas??? Could this virus be "entreanched?

Do not do a system restore. Post the Mbam log then download HiJackthis and post a log from that too.

As you say you've backed up your pictures (and hopefully other data as well). it would be much easier to just go ahead and reload the OS.