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Alright, I have a monitor that turns off automaticly. I have already checked the powersave options and it is turned off. I have it set on ALWAYS ON and nothing shuts down unless the user shuts it down. But it still turns off for some reason. The teacher who has this computer says that they have to turn the computer off and on about 5 times a day. Any thoughts on what might be causing it?

ALSO forgot to mention: I did switch out the monitors, they are both good and perfect working monitors.

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Is the unit connected to a surge protector or UPS? Sometimes faulty electrical wiring can cause wierd problems like that, if possible try plugging the monitor to another outlet to test it. Does the monitor actually power off or does it just lose a picture on the screen with the power light on?


It truns out that when I left, the user decided to go and mess with the settings and reset the setting for it to go to system stand by after 30 minutes. They couldn't get it working and so I had to set it back

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