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Been a while I know, but I finally got round to installing my copy of Windows 7. Yes I'll openly admit there may have been a slight climax (like a small child at christmas), but having installed Microsofts latest offering I'm left wondering if I've just wasted my evening?

It's evident that some bright spark has found a way to keep his MS bonus in line by rebranding the ailing Vista. Even the help files during the install of 7 are actually borrow from Vista, most of the menus are the same typical layout.

To be perfectly honestly I had been rather looking forward to actually trying it for myself and having a good peruse over the much awaiting offering, but I'm left wondering where all the hype came from?

Although I'll have to admit that I do rather like the new boot up screen, major improvement over the failed Vista GUI.

Even though I've done all the updates; explorer still decides to restart everytime I feel the need to navigate toward Gmail - slightly annoying to say the least!

I've seen a few posts on here regarding peoples thoughts on how Windows 7 looks a lot like Linux; without disrespect to the authors of those blogs I really can't see any. Mac however is a different story, the new desktop is almost consanguineous to that of a mac - the new layout could easily pass for the half brother of the aforementioned Mac.

All my programs & drivers seem to work okay with the new OS, although Norton did get a bit unhappy as did Explorer.

Dazza :cool:

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Haha yer just the same as you i also just installed windows 7 and cant say im incredibly happy with it both my browsers seem to lag more then they did before as well as a list full of other complaints i could make. its funny how after years and years this is still the best micosoft can come up with.

Well I've finally been able to get hold of my license key, although I had to install Safari as Explorer was having a bad day.

I'm failing to see the improvement with 7, and also noticed a couple of nice features that I was used to in Vista are nowhere to be found within 7.

One major factor that is starting to annoy me is that 7 doesn't currently support Norton 360 - you'll just get an even more annoying message box informing you of this and advising you to check online.

One little thing that did make me chuckle a bit though was the re-thought shutdown buttons, when they launched Vista a MS Rep told me they had been arranged in a "logical" fashion which would promote "ease of use". So much so that they done away with it?!

Dazza :cool:

It's a slight worry I know, I've noticed that you can download Windows Movie Maker direct from their site as even the Ultimate version of 7 will not come with it unlike Vista.

The "Fix" option in photo viewer was a feature that I like and found ever useful, does anyone know if they're planning to bring this back?

I used the new Media Center for the first time today, whilst the install was slow and unresponsive. I was rather pleases to see a "Text" option added to the far left corner of the screen, I personally don't use text; however I'm aware that a number of people do. Even the four coloured interactive buttons even have a home there too!

Although it seems every other day that I'm informed that Windows Explorer has failed and will have to restart along will some other equally depressing message.

Dazza :cool:

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