Okay everyone, team effort here?

Here is the scenario, please tell me where I screwed the pooch. I installed the beta of Windows 7 on my computer 2 weeks ago and everything worked fine. After about a week, my computer went from the boot up screen of "HP" press esc to view boot options... to a blank screen with a blinking white bar in the upper left corner. my computer went haywire and beeped.

I understand the beeping codes, however it just continues constantly. I tried reinstalling the factory conditions with my HP System Recovery dvd, but to know avail, because during installation the system tries to restart and it goes back to the same blank screen. Please let me know what to do because I cant seem to fix the problem! I learn quickly and follow directions well, so please don't think anything is too technical for me. Thank you all for your help


Sounds like your machine has a "hardware" problem. Something is broken or lose. Sometimes adding memory to a machine will cause this. The memory modules may have come lose and are not fully seated in their slots. but, it could be a real hardware issue where something is just plain broken. You may need to take your machine to a reputable shop for repair.

sounds like your hard drive went bad.it may just need to be reformated, you can try hdd regenerator to see if it will fix it,course youll need some one to download and burn it.

I concur on the hardware problems.

Normally a ticking/grinding/whining noise from your hard drive is indicative of hard drive failure.

Also, try opening up your computer and removing and reattaching your RAM. Make sure that you ground yourself by touching a metal surface prior to touching your RAM chip or buy a anti-static wrist band.

I personally use the Ultimate Boot CD to figure out when I have a dying hard drive or bad RAM. The tools on the cd give you a pretty good indication if your components are dying.

You can download it from here <http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html>

Here is how you run it off a flash drive <http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248753-32-running-ultimate-boot-flash-drive>

I agree with baltazar. Continual beeping is either graphics card or memory. If it was the hdd, it would hang or show an error message.

PCs built by HP, Dell, Acer etc have built in diagnostics for the hardware. Try running those and see if they give you a clue as to what the issue may be