Hello to all
I have just got a lap top with Vista,using my desk top pc running vista I set up a home network but I don,t seem to be able to share files ,when I go into network using my laptop I click on my desk top and I get 2 options a public folder and a user folder when I click on public folder I get various public sub folder all of which are empty when I click on user icon it takes me to the public folder. Can I not access regular folders or do I need to put every thing into public folders this does not seem right to me.
your help with this would be great.Thanks in advance for your time.

You need to enable sharing on your c:'s drive so that the network can access it.

Thank for your reply could you tell me how to enable sharing on my c:'s drive

Thank for your reply could you tell me how to enable sharing on my c:'s drive

Hello raytraci,

Control Panel/Network and Internet/Sharing Options or something similar

The best I could find was click network then click network and sharing center then under the heading sharing and discovery is the following.
network discovery on
file sharing on
public file sharing on
printer sharing on
password protected sharing off
media sharing on

Thanks again for your time but it still no go

Thanks for the links unfortunately they were of no help.

Click on my computer, right click c:, goto sharing & click, check to see if it enabled for sharing there. The network will always share public folders.

I have installed windows 7 on the desk top and figured out how to share C drive but when I click on the icon from my laptop I am denied access any thoughts

Hi Ben
Thank for the reply unfortunately the link didn't work.

Hi Ray
I tried the link now and went through, but the site is networking.com and I am pretty sure you will find all the info you need there. It is pretty comprehensive. Good luck

Sorry Ray, it should have been www.windowsnetworking.com. I also wanted to know if you had setup a network domain name and a workgroup with the same name on both computers?

HI Ben
I believe I have Ben but I'm not sure how to check this could you help me I would appreciate it.

If you send me your email address, I will send you a docx file which will explain networking on win 7. Once you read through it, you should be able to do the set up.