PCI Simple Communications Controller

(The driver for this device is not installed)

Any suggestions on how to correct this? Using Device Manager to find a driver doesn't locate anything.


You need to check what OS the drivers are for (ie: 98, ME, XP etc) and install them with compatibility mode for that particular OS, right click on the setup file and go to properties and select your OS in the compatibility mode list.

please send cd key

i just recently purchased 500GB Seagate Freeagent external hard drive from Walmart last Saturday. Last night i realized that the hard drive would not work. The lights on the hard drive flashes and makes a beeping sound. I have a bunch of important data on this hard drive. I would wondering if it was anyway I could recieve some help. Thanks

how can i delete a file from drive c if it is always appear "eror code"?everytime i attemp to erase it. what do i have to do?please help. thanks.

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