So, I've looked everwhere and gotten really frustrated... so i came here... and the search feature showed me a bunch of spam...
how do i throttle bandwith in server 2009?
i have a 100mbps connection and i dont want someone coming along and dossing me/ getting files from my server and eating up my connection... I know 100mbps is a lot, but i have enemies with more... so how can i throttle downloads/connections (im also running a game server) to prevent "legal DoSing"
i am running server 2009 apache 2.2

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You will want to do all traffic throttling in front of the network or machine. So if you want to throttle you webserver then use the router in front of it. What type of router do you have?


Don't worry about it then. The datacenter should have preventative measures in place for DDoS ;)


but its not dosing... its 10 people downloading a file at 10mbps

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He did this by creating a speed test that measured the throughput of continuous access to popular Web sites like Google, Expedia, and many others. Until this report was published, the common metric for comparing ISPs was through the use of the numerous Internet speed test sites available online.

The problem with this validation method was that it could not simulate real speeds encountered when doing typical Web surfing and downloading operations. Plus, ISPs can tamper with the results of speed tests — more on this later.

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