Recently, I upgraded my BIOS and have found one curiousity:

I could push the StandBy button on my keyboard and the system would power-down but remain in a wait state with the light blinking on the machine. (This means that when I pushed the Power-up button, the system would return to the point of StandBy mode on the screen where I can simply click the icon to drop back into Windows)

When I push the StandBy button on the keyboard, the system goes into a wait state *but* it does not power-down in this mode. Keep in mind that what I mean by power-down is the drives stop (any elves running about in the machine stop), the fans stop and it *sounds* like the machine is completely down *except* that the light is blinking on the front that tells me I have not COMPLETELY SHUTDOWN but rather in a wait state where I left off.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

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