I have just purchased a brand new Laptop with Windows 7. My older PC will be decommissioned. I have all my disks for reloading my programs however although I have the disks for MS Office 7, I downloaded the BETA version of Office 10 and it seems to have overwritten Office 7 - rather than be a separate version. (I thought I would stillhave 7 and 10 as well)

So, the question is, as my disks are "Upgrades", will I have any problems installing the Office 7 on my new Laptop, should I DL the Trial version and use my KEY CODE # to activate to full?

Thank you


I had similiar prob with a trial office on a new comp and wanted to use 2003 which I had. I had to totally uninstall the triial version (and do some removing by hand as well with care) before the 'old' activated legitimate 2003 version would work. Although MS says the two can exist together my experience was one at a time!

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they can exist together
i have had mine with 2007 and 2003 together in one pc
u might need to change the installation path