I have a problem in my work office regarding multiple profiles (75+) on a dedicated terminal we use for a specific purpose. Due to personnel accountability issues I can not set it up as a generic account. With the amount of users on the terminal the profiles grow too large for the machines physical capabilities, which means we have to manually wipe all the profiles on a periodic basis. Is there somewhere in XP to change the profile settings or is there a script I can utilize to automatically delete data from profiles on a scheduled basis? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Haven't tested this, but you should be able to restrict permissions in Docs and Settings so that users dont have access to create a profile. When they load up they should get an error saying windows cant log onto a profile, and will use the default profile. This will only work if they are not admins though.

This link shows how to create a default user profile for printer support and such as required.


Sorry, if you could create a batch file that deletes all of these, then scheduled tasks in control pannel could run it regularly, but i dont know enough about dos enough to help write a batch file.

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