after running fdisk on computer get error no fixed disks present...
then on reboot I get Missing Operating system..



I think you have two errors here.

1) Fdisk is used to manage the partitions on a hard drive. If it cannot locate any fixed disks (meaning any hard drives), then you have an issue indeed! Check to make sure that the hard drives are detected by your BIOS, and that they have the proper master/slave relationship. You might also need to do a FDISK /MBR to reset the master boot record.

2) Missing Operating System is approapriate, as you just re-partitioned the disk, and that leaves all of the partitions on it unformatted and empty.

Now, how can you get both messages? Because your computer is trying to boot from somewhere. It cannot see the hard drive, doesn't find a CD-ROM or a floppy disk to work with, so it is asking you what you want to do.


Ok after doing fdisk.. when rebooting all I get is vlack screem with message " Operating system not found.. CaN'T GET TO ANY PROMPT.or to setup bios

That's because you need to boot from a Windows 98 startup floppy disk, format the hard drive, then pop the Windows 98 CD in the drive and run 'Setup'.

there;s no prompt yet because the Startup floppy will allow you to boot into DOS.

Didn't make a Startup floppy disk? Find a friend with a Windows 98 system and make one on that ;)