Ia have a problem that i hope some of you can help me.

My VB aplication works fine on XP's, also the downloader, that load the file prom web to my computer via save the file dialog.
But strangly it doesn't work on Windows 7 system. I have checked firewall setting and add a program as "OK" for connection to public and home-office networks... but no effect.

Can some one help me out??

THX dr.e

I am also having this problem on a new Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop (5 weeks old). Initially I thought it was because of Windows automatic updates. However, I did a system restore and turned updates off. Everything worked fine for about a week and then 404 errors and Bad requests. The problem is intermitent. I have tried Firefox and Apple's Safari, both of which have the same problem - suggesting a problem with a system component. Interestingly, Windows Live always works with video etc so there are no problems with the networking side.
I wonder if it is due to a virus. Having said that I am running Norton with its firewall etc.