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defragment shows 4% and again comes back to 0% for nearly half an hour.

Scandisk runs ok.

Any solutions ???

Try running defrag in safe mode, and also check if there is enough free disk space for a proper defrag.


What version of Windows are you running? It sounds like windows ME.

If you haven't you should take the time to run a windows update.

Further more you should see what options you have to move away from windows ME to 2000 or xp


Thanks to you all for your answers.

1) I am using Windows 98 SE.

2) I have enough free space in the hard drives.

3) I started to defrag in normal mode, but it ends at 4% and again starts from 0%.

4) Then I started defragment in Safe Mode and it worked. It did 100%.

5) Shall I have to defrag in Safe Mode all the time ?

6) I cannot shift to Win XP or Win 2000 due to some softwares (old versions) that runs only in Win 98.

7) Is there any solution for me, so that I can defrag my machine in normal mode.


Defragmenting works best when there arent other processes that clash with it, hence the safe mode option or as CW said End Task option. A good automatic defragmenter however does this efficiently in the background.


Download a third party defrag software and your defrag will run a lot faster and can be scheduled to run in the background. Third party defrag software will do a lot better job than the built-in defrag. You can also defrag the master file table and page file before windows starts.


There is alot of good advise here. I agree, ctrl-alt-del & close all the junk & maybe find an old program called Nuts & Bolts, made by MCcaffe. it had an awesome defragger with it

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