I just got this compaq laptop a few months ago. It was reading all disks just fine when i got it. Now when you insert a disk all you here is a little whir sound, and the laser moving. After that nothing.:confused: Please help.

hi,so what happens if you open my computer and right click on the cdrom icon and chose explore dose it open the cd to view whats on it

well have you considered cleaning the lens using the lens cleaner?
also try manually installing the drivers

Ok I cleaned the lens.. It still doesnt work. And I dont know how to manually install the drivers.

try going to device manager and uninstall it and rebooting and let windows reinstall drivers

Try this (if applicable)

If the cd/dvd combo drive allows you to remove it from the computer and then push it back in firmly. Sometimes they can have a crappy connection. If that doesn't work then you have to chalk it up that it is dead and hope that you are within the warranty period or have an extended one... I think that Compaq and HP typically have a 90day warranty.


Hey! Ok caperjack I found that on a troubleshoot site and I tried it. It didn't change anything. And SinnerFA it doesn't come out. I just might have to take it back for work.

Look like hardware problem. If it still under warranty. Send it back to HP and get it fix.

I have a similar problem, I'm running on Windows 7 and when I insert a disc, it appears blank. Other image managing programs are able to open it, but I can't acces it with explorer. Also the drive works just fine in Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick), so it's not hardware. Maybe it's Windows registry, I've heard clean install solves the problem.

I also have a similar problem, i have dell inspirion 1545 with window xp. It don't read any disk either dvd or vcd. I have cleaned the lens and install the driver but still it's not working. If anyone have solution for it plz tell me,,, i know it's may not right place to describe your problem but i need help..? i have no money to go service centre or to any technicians.