I have am IBM thinkpad 365xd, It is basically my first project. the laptop came to me reformatted. BUT it did not come with a floppy drive but it did come with an internal cd-rom drive. I am tryng to install windows XP but I hve no Idea on how to boot it from the cd rom. I already went to BIOS to see if I could change the boot sequence but my cd-rom is not there. I am completly stuck, I would REALLY apreciate it if someone could HELP me.
thank you so much -ELIE :cry:

are you sure that the cd rom was not in the bios? You might have another menu available for booting. If you do, it's probably accessed with an F key during bootup, maybe F8? if the bootup goes by too fast, you can press the pause/break key, to pause bootup and let you look around (it's the key around the top right of your keyboard next to scroll lock).
If this doesn't work, there might be a proprietary IBM external floppy that you can boot to (ask IBM).

I hope this helps.

I have a IBM ThinkPad R30 and you can push f something to go into setup when it boots and you see the IBM logo or another F-Key to choose a boot device. Network etc... is available on my model. Under the BIOS setup on mine you can chose legaly FDD drive enable / disable. When enabled you can boot off of internal FDD when disabled off of USB FDD. How old is yours? mine is a P3 Win98.


There should be some sort of selection to boot from the CD-ROM, unless the computer is too old, and in that case you don't want to run XP on it anyway.

Check the BIOS again, looking for CD-ROM, or it could even be something like IDE-1

On an IDE chain,

IDE-0 is usually the Primary Master, usually a hard drive
IDE-1 is usually the Primary Slave, usually a CD-ROM
IDE-2 would be the Sec Master
IDE-3 would be the Sec Slave

It is also possible that the XP media you have is not bootable, especially if it is not legit. No, I am not accusing, it is just possible.