Hi!I was using 512 MB,533 MHz RAM from 2 years.Then I thought of upgradation and bought 1 GB 800 MHz RAM.Now see what interesting are the results-I have Intel D102GGC2 motherboard.There are two interesting problems(interesting because i always enjoys solving problems rather than running pc smoothly-so i keep experimenting).
1.)BOOTING PROBLEM:-Now with two RAMs and Two slots available,the thing should be that i should be able to use any of the RAMs.But I HAVE TO use my old 512 MB RAM in order to boot,1 GB RAM alone is unable to boot.I did my best to find out why-i went to the shop from where i bought new RAM.He told me that he has confirmed and 800 MHz RAM is not supported by your board.He added that it was only 512 MB RAM working on my pc.But actually,I can clearly see that RAM was 1 GB(any idiot can see system RAM-I however checked at BIOS screen-894 MB RAM(which should be for 1 GB i guess)).Also the speed of my pc is as good as 1 GB RAM,using windows 7 ultimate with aero effects plus gaming which is working fine.Now-Why is pc not booting up with 1 GB RAM when it is successfully loading it?Why is older RAM required for booting when it is not used elsewhere??
2.)I receive bluescreen error,only in windows 7,vista and xp-not even once i used each for about 6 months.The thing i could reach is Intel says my board doesn't support windows 7--but crashed were on an average after 4 hours when i bought new RAM.Now i have changed the RAM-this one is from a different vendor,same 1 GB,800 MHz,,the error rate drops to about once in a week.
So,What is the boot problem if anyone can see?and what could be the reasons for drop in bluescreen errors??Maybe if i can figure out,i can drop it to even more-once in a month wont hurt me that much.Any other info required will be provided immediately.Thanks for reading however.

Your board supports 800Mhz, and up to 2 Gb so you should be able to install 'both' of your new ram modules in system.

You can only use 32 bit OS, as board/CPU cannot support 48 bit addresses. (Windows 7 x32 is not officially supported, but should work as is similar to Vista x32 in many ways, reason it is not 'oficially' supported is due to BIOS being to old)

Try booting with both new sticks ram installed, choose memory test on next boot, hold down f8 as PC boots, and choose memory test in options.

This will likely show errors if system/ram faulty, or none, in which case I would suspect an old power supply unit, if the voltage is dropping, this will blue screen.

Also try cleaning out your PC, remove all dust in and around the internal surfaces, especially the CPU and graphics card, and the board itself.

Is x32 means 32 bit OS?coz somewhere i read was written x86 in my system,perhaps in some programs in add or remove programs options.
However,I ran memory diagnouse tests which didn't gave any errors.
"This will likely show errors if system/ram faulty, or none, in which case I would suspect an old power supply unit, if the voltage is dropping, this will blue screen"
Good Point<I should have told about this too>>
What can i do to other than cleaning to check if the bluescreen error was due to old power supply?Many times I shutdown my pc then instead of 'turning off' of blue light of my cabinet,red light keeps glowing.However at startup,it doesnt ask for normal or safe startup which shows that shutdown was ok.But why did that red light glow,and why only sometimes(like once in four times shutdown)??
And also that newer RAM is not booting only my PC,other PC was booted when it was checked at the shop.