Now, I seem to have this issue with most of the more expensive games I get, like BF2 and Vampire the Masquerade, Bloodlines.

The issue works like this:
I start my PC. I run the game. I play. After a few hours I quit and eat or something. Then, when I try to run it again, the game locks up at the splash screen (The load icon).

My PC more than meets the requirements.
I have updated drivers for Vid card and DirectX.
I've tried pretty much everything. It dosn't want to start up again unless I restart my PC, which is annoying as hell. I've tried contacting the comanies tech support but as usuial they're useless.

Anyone else having this problem, and if so have you fixed it?

Which Windows version please? This needs to be moved to the Tech section.

XP Pro. Hmm... Thought this was in the tech section; must have gotten it mixed up cus I had 3 windows running on 3 different sections of this forum.

Have you got a screensaver active? If so, disable it and see if the problem continues.

Have you got background programs running whilst you're gaming? If so disable them before beginning a gaming session and see if the problem persists.

Nah didn't seem to help...

Update motherboard drivers. Update display drivers.

Set power options to 'Always on'.

Shut down notification area programs before gaming.

I have had this freezing for the last two weeks. I have updated my power supply, ram, graphic card, all drivers, patches, directx etc.
Pc World tried for three days to fix the problem, no good. BF2 freezes as you join game. I have just tried a new sound card, a philips psc724 24 bit. It actually gets into the game but now freezes as I need to choose weapons etc. I can hear everything but the mouse has frozen.
My current system is P4, 2.8. 2 gig ram, nvidia 6600 256 meg graphic card and I am on 4 meg broadband connection. SOMEONE out there MUST have the answer to this. Any takers lads? Previous to the last two weeks, I have been playing BF2 since launch, no probs. Reformatted and it all started. Help!

geezir, please start your own thread for your problem. Piggybacking on topics is useful only if everything about your setup and situation is exactly the same as the person who started the topic.

Sorry! :confused:

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