I have used this computer to burn cd's but since I used the registry cleaner it has not read ANY cd's. It won't play, burn etc. It keeps telling me to put in a disk.
I put the disk in and nothing happens, it says I aborted the burn. I'm a total beginner and am in desperate need of help. Thanx so much!

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the best thing to do here is put a bootable disk into the computer. something like your windows disk, or norton antivirus. if the computer boots to this disk the drive is mostlikely good and you have a software issue, ie a virus or spyware or a need to reinstall windows.

if you do not get it to boot off the disk one of two things has happened. the drive is bad or the system is not set to boot of the disk.

if the second is the issue here is how you tell goto your bios. to do this when your computer first starts up you have to hit a specific key (hp sony and other name brands are ususally F1 or F2) or if it is a non name brand system it is usually DEL now navagate through the menu that pops up. each bios is different so i cannot guide you past here but you looking for either boot options or boot device priority. read any on screen instructions and make your cd rom device 0 or at the top of the list. if it is then the drive is bad time to replace it if it is not the first make it the first and try again. if it dosent boot off of the disk then the drive is bad.

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