I want to do an Xp Back Up, as well as Outlook Mail.
What is the best free online back up system that
will accomplish both tasks.

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Online backup? You mean cloud backup? Then I dunno. Clouds are too... nebulous. Here today, gone tomorrow.
But if you want a free and good backup tool to run on your sys, then try Syncback Free. It will backup to removable media, too.
An XP Backup? You mean a System State Backup? Everybody should do them, and OFTEN. With XP Pro, the tool [Backup] is already in Pgm Files\Accessories\System Tools. Home users must suck it off their cd especially. System State Backup is a part of that, an option.

Many thanks.
Will try your recommendation Syncback Free.
I have set aside time for doing this over the weekend.
It is my first time to back up, so I will need to take my time.
Do you know if Syncback will back up Outlook as well?
Thanks again.

It certainly will back up Outlook. Just include the folders that contain the files you wish to backup. Be aware that apart from your being able to schedule an automatic, periodical backup that you can also use Syncback to backup every few minutes work that you might be doing [by actually running the pgm in the background]. You can group various backup tasks to, say, run on a schedule and leave others for backing up when you so choose...
There are other, more configurable backup pgms out there, it's just that this one does me just fine.

Thanks for that.
Looking forward to trying it.

Very many thanks gerbil.

I agree with you gerbil. You say right that contain folder of backup with outlook.

Thanks for that.

Thank you for the information people...

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