Hey guys and gals, just ofund this place and from reading alot on here, sounds like I may have found the right people to help me out. I'm running winnt and had a bad case of trojan the other day. Actually still do have it. I run semantac virus scan and says I don;t have any BUT everytim I reboot, well, something called QBTOOLS.EXE in my winnt\systems directory comes up, gets quarinteened thats it. Next time I boot up, SAME THING and to top it off, the ONLY way I can get onto the internet is to boot up in Safe Mode. Hummmm, driving me nuts , course that wouldn't take much LOL It also has messed up my Autocad, I have cg survey incorporated into acad and says it won;t work. Go fugure, ust my luck I guess. Anyone have any ideas on whats doing this? Here's a listing of files that were added to my puter around the time of my infection. THANKS so much guys.
D Don
Checks.050908-0826.log and in it was
08.09.2005 08:26:47 - ##### check started #####
08.09.2005 08:26:47 - ### Version: 1.3
08.09.2005 08:26:47 - ### Date: 9/8/2005 8:26:47 AM
08.09.2005 08:26:47 - ##### checking bots #####
I'm uslually pretty good at figuring things out, well not this time, had me ready for a drink to early in the morning, LOL
THANKS again guys and gals, have a feeling someone on here can help

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