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I recently purchased a Zune, and inserted the CD and I was told that I need to have Windows SP2 in order to install the Zune software. So I go to the Microsoft Update site, and it says I need certain Windows components in order to install SP2. I proceed to install the components, but it keeps telling me that they were unable to install successfully, without telling me why.
Here is what happened, in order:
^and it doesn't even show the updates I just attempted to download

Why won't my computer update the files? I'm not running on a pirated version of Windows XP or anything. Please help me, I really want to use my $250 Zune. =[

Call M$ and ask them. You should be able to purchase a CD from M$ for a couple of bucks. Do you have SP1?

You need to download and install special update packages for you windows.

Dowload service pack 2 and install it, i think it will solve the problem:

That is exactly the problem; I CAN'T install Service Pack 2.

Yes, I do have SP1

You shouldn't need any other updates to install the SP2, just call M$ and have them send you a CD from which to install it.

The message below came from Microsoft.

Customers without reliable Internet connections who wish to obtain Service Pack 2 on CD can order a free disc from the Microsoft Web site as Service Pack 2 is rolled out worldwide. Microsoft also is working with computer manufacturers to ensure they can make Windows XP-based PCs preloaded with Service Pack 2 available as soon as possible.

MS has been having network trouble.

Also, if you have Magix MIDI Studio software, it "steals" the file type of the .msp extension for its own use. That extension is intended for Microsoft updates.

You can always call microsoft for this becasue for Windows update issue we provide free support.
One more thing you can try before calling is to go start-run-serives.msc and stop the automatic updates service and than renname c:\windows\softwaredistribution to softwaredistributionold and c:\windows\system32\catroot2 to catroot2old -be careful rename only catroot2 and not catroot. After completion of this step restart your computer and try to do updates again.
If this fails click on the folowing link to install SP2 directly :

PM or e-mail me incase your problem is not reolved