yes i'm new here. The problem started when i was removing nortan antivirus to go to another av. The new av won't install. Other things that have happened while doing this are
Won't allow me to access registered accounts
can't do search in yahoo
gives me blank spaces which should have items in them ie.. autos make and models
won't show pages like windows updates.microsoft.com
won't allow me to do search for my search of pc(start then go to search files)
won't give me help and support on pc(start then go to help and support file)
it stopped my outlook page(outlook still works no problems sending or recieving)
no other noticable flaws

I can do:
I can run searches on msn, google
outlook rec's and sends ok
yahoo mail works as well

I am running win Xp home edition and IE 6 service pack 1, cable modem

things i have tried:
run regcleanup, anti-adware, antispy, reinstalled some regserv32 dll files for not accessing https sites from here, defrrag

I'm not a great tech, just enough to get me into trouble. Any help would be appreciated before I have it formated as the last chance.


Try performing these actions in Safemode with networking. If the problems cease, it's most likely a malicious program. Based on the information you provided, regarding the wide degree of issues, it seems you have an infection.

Download and run the latest version of HijackThis.
In the meantime scan your computer for viruses: http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
Then post the log as well as the antivirus results to the Viruses, Spyware & other Nasties forum.

In the event some system files are corrupt, they should be checked and replaced. I don't think this will solve your issue, but just in case, Start >> Run >> type: cmd >> type: sfc /scannow

I'm not sure what programs you used for spyware/adware removal, but I suggest using Adaware and Spybot. These as well as a few other great suggestions can be found in a sticky within Viruses, Spyware & other Nasties forum.

Long ago when I used Norton, I noticed an issue with the uninstall process. Like me, many people had issues, so I located some help on Norton's website. Not sure if they still do, but they used to provide tools to assist in the complete removal of their software. You may want to look into this. Or at the least, re-install the program and then either again try the add/remove option or use Norton's utility (if applicable).