my pc keeps randomly freezing up, sometimes on startup but only when i have my USB ADSL modem pluged in, but thinking about it, it used to do that with a USB Bluetooth dongle as well. anyone got any ideas, ive tried a clean install of windows and drivers but no joy. only seems to freeze when its plugged in tho.
thanks for your time.

System info...

ecs elite mainboard (kzvza)
256mb RAM
1.2g amd athlon
geforce4 mx440 128mb ddr
20g hd

Sounds like you would do well to check that all Windows updates are installed, and that any available updated drivers are downloaded and installed from the manufacturer website. In particular, ensure that all motherboard drivers are updated.

I'll move this to the relevent Windows section, by the way. It is not a 'dead machine', simply one with a Windows installation and configuration problem.

Suggest you update your USB modem driver as well. I remember AOL used to send outdated driver CD's, every one i came accross needed the driver updated!