My PC was running fine last week until it didn't start up anymore (the CPU's light's weren't blinking but the mobo and the rest of the thingies running); I reset the CLRTC jumper on the mobo and it worked.

it ran smooth for a period of time but then i noticed that 7 was loading way slower than usual. taking like 10 minutes to startup and it also sometimes doesn't detect the primary disk. I later changed the primary drive's SATA input, thinking something must be wrong with the mobo's sata ports.

well now i only get the aero theme on a trial and error basis. and when i do get it, things are pretty normal. I checked the ff already: display color is 32bit, ran windows essentials+spybot and ran the sfc windows protection from the command prompt.

it found corrupt files. Thing is i dont have my windows 7 CD anymore. and whenever i do try to borrow and load it on to my computer it brings up an error that i should use a similar windows 7 cd with similar versions...

should i format instead? (that's what i've really been trying to avoid, installing programs is a waste of time :) )

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What protective software doy you have and have you scanned with them recently? If so, what results did you get?

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