:cry: Man does any one know how to reset the appearance of the windows back to default. I never claimed to be the smartest person in the world but I thought I could dress up the appearance of my displays a little bit. I'm running windows xp and I went to the display window and clicked on appearance and then advanced. From that point I started changing the colors of the different functions. This is the way I finally came to the conclusion that I am computer illiterate. I just wish I could now find a way to reset this function back to the default colors because I have some terrible and some completely illedgible widows and I cant figure out which title goes to which function . Not all of them anyway. If anyone has the solution to this one please let me know and I will be very grateful. :rolleyes:

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ok, this one is pretty easy. assuming you can still read the text on tabs and buttons, and make thier outlines, here's how you do it:

right-click on your desktop and click 'properties'
the 'themes' tab should be outomatically selected.
select 'Windows XP' from the themes drop-down bar
click 'apply'
it will take a few moments, and then your original appearance configuration should be back.

also, for your future reference, to change your colors settings, go to the 'appearance' tab on the same menu, and make sure you have 'Windows Classic Style' selected under 'Windows and Buttons', then you can click the 'Advanced' button and edit the colors to your hearts content. changing the colors under Windows XP style can lead to... unusualness, which i'm sure you got...

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