Hello all, thanks for any insight you can provide. Ok, My STepbro wiped out XP the other day cuz his drivers were disappearing and we thought it was a virus. The internet wasn't working, and when XP started messages about new hardware being found would pop up such SM Bus contoller and audio contoller devices. He wiped out XP and reinstalled it, and it wasn't running fine for 1 day. Then today these messages are coming up again, and the internet isn't working again. Thats why I'm confused, it shouldn't have ever been working in the first place, it's like the drivers were installed with the new installation of XP and then they dissappeared. He's got an Emachines PC(:P) so I'm npt surprised of these problems. Any advice is appreciated.


The drivers you are using are MS Windows Plug & Play drivers; essentially generic versions. I recommend going to the OEM's website for each hardware device (video adapter, network card, sound card, ect..) and download and install the appropriate driver. Let us know if that doesn't help.