I've been trying to download the SP1 for Windows 7 and I keep getting a startup error message (0xc000007b). I can't seem to finda fix. Can someone help me out here?

I'd hold off on SP1. Installed it on my lappy and had no end of trouble with trying to get windows to start up. I had to uninstall it in safe mode to get it working again!

try to repair your windows and uninstall the win7 sp1 in the control panel....

Sorry for the delay in replying, I finally got to the root of my own problem and it wasn't SP1. I actually had a failing stick of ram that was causing windows to become increasingly corrupted. I removed 1 stick of ram as a test and my lappy beeped like crazy and wouldn't start.
The weird thing is, the problems seemed to start right after installing SP1 so I blamed that for it.