I am trying to state my problem very clearly.

I want to retrieve a set of fonts. They are not found in the System's default font directory, and also their path is not written or set in the registry. But still they are shown in the font dialog box of any editor. Actually, in order to view with those fonts, one must install Bitstream's player plugin in Internet Explorer. As long as the page is open the font is shown in the font dialog, but disappears when IE window is closed. I can embed those fonts in a pdf file, but not fully, but as a subset. I need to get those fonts.

Does any one have any idea?

I repeat, those fonts are displayed by an activex control in IE. They are dynamic fonts. In the webpage, their links are given as PFR files. But I want to use them as ttf.

you may have to find a convertor, I can only say that in some programs especially music one etc the fonts are in a different format and not ttf. hence they show but are not available for windows to use as a ttf type font.