My Dell computer won't load anything beyond the Windows screen with icons on it. A system error comes up saying that "Avgsysmgr.exe" or "Avsysmgr.exe" can't be processed (or run---whatever).

The computer just sits there and won't let you do anything. Whenever you place the mouse cursor on an icon at the toolbar level to click on it, the hourglass (busy) symbol appears. The only thing I am able to do is to go thru the task manager and run "cmd.exe" to get to the c: prompt.

I have been able to verify data files are intact and found some virus files that I deleted via HKEYS and under program files, but cannot do anything else. I had to set up my old computer (that the kids were playing games on) to just get back on the 'net.

We're using DSL internet service. The computer which will not completely boot is using Windows NT/2000. I do not have the setup disks for that computer as it was bought second hand, so I cannot do a disk recovery on it.

Can anyone help with this????

You can just remove a virus manually from the registry. If you can boot up your system in safe mode, install and update a reputed a/v package like Norton 2005/AVG/avast! antivirus and run a full scan. Next, use Adaware and Spybot S&D to scan and remove any spyware/adware/malware from your computer.

If you can't boot up your computer, the only workaround is to reinstall Windows.

Update: You said you can start command prompt from Task manager. Similarly, you can try starting the Windows shell (Start Menu, desktop etc). Instead of cmd.exe, type explorer.exe in the Run box in task manager.

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