I got a problem on my pc right now.
when i open download folder in my documents a window will pop up, it says
"Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and need to be close. Sorry for the inconvenience". I dont want to reformat cause i have important data and i dont have another storage for back up..
i want to know the reason behind this.
its been annoying and i want to remove it.
anybody knows about it??

Can you be more specific? What OS are you using? Usually there is a link to click on when you get the error message, for more information. See there what .dll file may cause your problem.

What did you do right before the first time this error pops up?

Did you try to do a system restore to an earlier date when things were operating normal?

I think its a virus cause after scan with my antivirus, it detected a trojan and its ok now..anyway thnks...

No problem, glad you got the little horsie!