I have 10 system with same configuration. Intel P-IV 3 GHz, 512 mb ram, 40 gb hdd, i have installed windows xp in one system and all other softwares, which took me 2 hours to completed, i dont wanna spend 2 hours on each system now, is there any way so that i could take the image of this system and install it in other systems, which could take not much time. I have heard about ghosting the system, how can i do it

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You can clone the system drive using Norton Ghost and copy it to other computers.

This will work only if your systems have same specifications.


There are some comercially available software that allow that process, like Ghost, RapidDeploy (alot cheaper than Ghost). But they cost a lot, and arn't worth the money for 10 PCs.

Here are some free alternatives. I found this site through google, so can't vouch for it as being good advise;


thanx 4 the reply i hope this could work out, hpe 4 more replys

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