I was hoping you can help me to solve this problem. I have a lot of documents in pdf format on my computer. I have changed the windows and now have Windows 7 Basic Home Edition, before that change I was able to see all the covers ( or the first pages ) of my documents, now all I can see is the adobe symbol and in order to find the document I need I have to read the name of the document or open it, it takes too much time, because in the past I could find them very quickly just by looking at the picture. Now I have special option to preview the document, it is not very convenient as well as I have to look through all of them to find the one I need instead of just looking at the cover. Could you please help me to change this? I need to see the first pages of my documents not the adobe symbol in my folders.
Best wishes

What you want is Windows Aero preview, but you need at least windows home premium, as far as I know, to get that.

So if it is that important, you have to upgrade to home premium. :)

I had Windows XP Home Edition before and it worked.

Do you want what Jakob said or something else. You said you wanted to find pdf files very quickly, but you cannot do so now after upgrading your OS. Can you see the pdf sign on the file. For example word document, you will see the word sign on the front of the document, thus you will immediately recognizes it. Is that what you want?

No, not exactely. Yes, I can can see pdf file on the top of the document and I can easily see which one is word or any other. What I need is to see the cover of document with the picture and the name of the document, so I don't have to read the name under the symbol or check it through preview option. I just remember how most of the covers looked and all I needed to do was to look at the cover of the document.

Can you show me an image of what you want and what you have not. I am not very good at understanding words. Sorry for the trouble.

I hope it is more clear now.

So you want to see something like the preview of what the file inside have. what did you do before the problem occurs?

Nothing. Everything was perfecr before changing the OS.

Nothing. Everything was perfect before I changed the OS

try making the icon view larger if you don't allready have it set to large

when i have it smaller i get the symbol,set to larger i get the front page .

Yes, I also had this beautiful and very useful option in the past, but not now. Now all I can see is a very big adobe symbol and not a front page unfortunately.

Do you mean a thumbail view? You can try this. First right click on a folder and select propeties and select enable thumnail views. You can try around using propeties and see whether which option works.

nevermind. I have tried evrything abd eventually even the preview option disapeared. So I deleted adobe and install Foxit reader. Now everything is back to normal again. Thanks for your help anyway.