I am testing Linux video servers and setting them up through a web interface. The web interface is being used to set the IPv4 address, the hostname, and disabling DHCP. The web interface is run off of the video server, and accessed through a web browser. The page can be accessed two ways:
(1) by IPaddress, example - I can access the servers this way, but since I don't know the IP address before I set them, this is not much use.
(2) by hostname, example IS-001/NetworkSettings.html - This is the way I need to access them, but it does not work. All of them have hostname hhp when I create them, so I turn them on and connect to them one at a time.
The other people at the office can connect by using hostname, but I cannot. We are using Windows 7 to change the web interface settings, but it only does not work on my machine.
I changed my Network Settings to use out DNS server for IPv4 lookup, but that hasn't made a difference.
Does anyone know why my DNS lookup is failing for local names? Thanks,

try doing it via the FQDN and not just the host name. maybe the DNS server your computer is using is appending a different domain suffix to the end. for example, if i nslookup host1 my dns server automatically assumes its on the domain with me and appends a suffix so its really looking up host1.mydomain.local. might be related , i'm not sure