Hi all, I'm new to this and just wanted to know what is wrong with my computer or the Internet Explorer of mine. It has been happening for awhile now and everytime I use Auctiva.com and try to add a picture onto my listing for ebay, a window pops up and says error has happened with internet explorer and has to close. the same thing happens when one of those little windows pop up when you want to enlarge a photo on a site and I close that little window, it makes all my other websites I have opened close. I am not sure if it is a virus or a setting on my computer. But i need some help because it is very annoying. Thank you!


May I suggest getting firefox. (www.getfirefox.com). It is better, more features, and alot better security, switching may very well fix your problem. If you think it is a virus you could post a hijackthis! log in the Virus spyware and other nasties forum, and somebody will take a look at it, and help you get "cleaned up".