My speakers stopped working all of a sudden! When I open up "Sounds and Audio Devices" in the Control Panel, it says "No Audio Devices" under the "Audio" tab. My speakers are conected properly! Can someone please help me? I deeply appreciate it!

Did you recently update the drivers, or make any changes at all to them? Also what brand are they?

My PC was shot to hell [Excuse me] It got to the point where everyday something new was wrong. At first, it was the ports then the D and E drives weren't recognized and then the speakers. I re-installed Windows XP from the disc I recieved with my computer and everything's going fine except for this one little problem.

You need to reinstall your audio drivers. Your manufacturer probably sent you an extra disc that contains these drivers along with the OS cd.

Thanks! I have two CD's titled "Drivers and Utilities: Dell Dimension Resource CD". Hopefully that's it!

That didn't work. I went to Dell's website and downloaded the driver I needed! Thanks to all who helped!