I hope someone has an idea about this because I'm stumped. It's probably right in front of me and I'm not seeing it. I just built a Fry's GQ 5110 for a customer. It originally came with AMD Celeron, 128m ram, 40g WD hard drive, WinXP SP2, updated. Added 512m ram, 120g WD HD as primary, wiped original 40g and set up as secondary. It had some trouble in the beginning with rebooting on it's own 2 days after delivery and I found "startup: reboot.exe" in HiJack This log. Some forums say it is a trojan, others say it is a program installed by software, but not needed. Anyway, I got rid of it and that seemed to fix the rebooting problem, completely cleaned machine with Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, and multiple spyware programs, including removing HD and running virus scans on another clean computer. Took it back to customer and it started giving blue screens and random times, (no particular process to relate it to) that always gave different errors but always had something to do with drivers or memory. Ran some memory tests and 128m rm tested bad. Checked all memory slots and the 512m stick, which tested good. Took 128 stick out and delivered machine. 2 days later, after the machine had been used daily with no problems, customer called and said when he started the computer, it gave him the "boot sequence" change screen and told him to press f1. Windows started fine but when he rebooted, it did it again. I went out to check it and it did it to me twice. I unplugged and plugged both HD's and it gave me the message only when the sequence really changed then started as it should on subsequent reboots. Took it home and restarted many times over the next 12 hours with no problems. Fry's replaced the computer, all HD's were rescanned as inactive, no viruses or spyware, computer working great on delivery Thursday, now it did it again today! Any ideas out there? I own 2 of these computers and built at least 5 for other customers, they are generally bulletproof. Could this be a software clash? There are really no unusual programs running and this guy doesn't surf the net, just goes to certain places that appear to be safe. I appreciate any and all feedback even if I'm missing something really obvious.

Cassaundra :-|

I don't know the answer to the problem, but I just had a similar situation with reboot.exe appearing on the computer for no reason. My computer started closing in 2 minutes consistently. I got into a shop where they discovered the reboot.exe virus. They said they had never seen it before. And still, I don't know how it got on my computer past all the protection I have on it. Any information on this newly surfaced problem would be helpful to all since I have a hunch we're going to be hearing a lot more about it. Good luck.

to begin, i am some what confused. how can you clean install and have problem with trojans already.. well that aside here a few things you can check. memory mods, make sure they are seated properly, cpu, ensure the thermal grease is good not flaky stuff, check the jumpers on each HDD make sure the config match whats in the pc, meaning master with slave or master then slave, and oh yeah check the cable( are they ide)???? check the bios make sure there is no setting to turn off the pc if the temp reach a certain level, ( load optimal setting for the bios) last but not least make sure there are no software that control temp for the cpu, thse will shut down the pc.