Don' quite know what to do. I am having problems with my ethenet controller using VIA RhineIII drive. Sometimes I can connet and some times I cannot. So I reinstall my XP SP2. Was thinking of washing off the drivers and installing totally new ones to tackle this problem (it still behaves). After reinstalling I notice my second hard disk is not connected propertly. Sometimes I use one hard disk, sometimes the other (it has windows installed in it) but usuallly when I reinstall something,one will act as back up.

The second hard disk became faulty so I use this one now. Use it to access some file onthe net for the second hard disk. Now I cannot some of the files and some I can. How do I fix this?

Another thing, ducuments and settings are missing on the second hard disk but the hard disk space is still the same, meaning they have not been deleted. Whats up with this.

Sorry for the long post, appreciate any help and thanks for such a website.


Try creating a local user account with the same username and password as you had before the reinstall of windows, and accessing it logged into that account. It worked for some stuff on NT4, but may not work on XP. Woth trying.