I have just finnished scanning my computer for spyware and virus, because it was running snails pace.I then installed microsoft Bootdis(?) and also Autorun. I then looked at startup programs using Autorun and disabled a few items (which ones I cannot tell you).I then rebooted computer. Now when I turn the computer on it starts up and gets to the windows screen without my icons, then immediately logs out to the startup screen. I turn it off from this screen and restart and the same thing keeps happening. It also the case whening trying in safe mode. Can anyone help.

i think u have disabled the services and applications that are needed by the system to work
like explorer.exe,logonui.exe,hkcmd,igfxtray,etc.....
press f8 during boot
select last known good settings

it will solve ur problems
otherwise select command prompt only
and then type "scanreg /restore" command in the command prompt.
select the appropriate registry settings when the system was working..
it will come now

Tks will keep that one filed, only now have reformatted harddrive and reinstalled operating system. running abreeze.
Thanks for your advice