Hey guys alright I am back again and needing some assistance or a point in a right direction,

issue: A friend had gave me there lap top and they do not remember the windows password to log on, so trying to get passed it, I made a boot cd to help with this issue and although the CD drive is blinking and spinning and running perfectly fine, The bios is not reading that there is a CD drive, The lap top is a Toshiba, the operating system is Windows 7, I tried to take the hard drive out and put it in to another lap top but it would not read. I have also tried to boot the system into safe mode and there is no administrator login access.

So my question is, would there be any way around this aside from getting an external CD drive to try and boot the cd from. If there is any information you need to maybe assist with this let me know as well.

Any help will be greatly apprecated

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I tried to do a usb bootable stick but I don't know if i put the files in correct but it wouldn't read kept getting message "please insert a disk and press any key to continue"

could you point in a direction on how to put the correct file on the usb


As I had stated in the original queston, The bios is not reading the CD/DVD drive


Just double checking that you didnt assume the BIOS didnt recognise the CD/DVD drive because it isnt booting from it.

What are you trying to boot from USB? which operating system? I dont believe you can simply copy files to USB and expect to boot from it, you'll have to configure it to be able to boot via USB.

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