my laptop is not starting after showing starting windows.so am trying to reinstall os but am unable to do so.when am inserting Dvd and pressing f10 its showing edit boot option page but i am unable to make any change.please help me in solving this problem.i have tried so many times with different proceedures to reinstall it.but i couldnt succeed.please guide me with details.i need to start up my laptop as soon as possible.

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Before I can assist you further I need more information. What version of Windows are you installing, Windows XP or Windows 7? Is the laptop booting from the CD/DVD? If it isnt booting from the CD/DVD, when it comes to the boot option page can you choose the DVD drive?


its acer laptop.and am installing windows 7.when am inserting dvd there is no option given on the boot page.it shows window7,partition 2,path a code n no execute option written.now what shal i do.


Can you get into the CMOS (BIOS) setup and make sure that your CD/DVD device has the highest priority for booting?

If it does, you should be able to put the DVD in the drive and start up the computer. You should see a message that says.. press any key to boot from DVD. Hit any key, this will start the installation, setup process.


no.it dosent shows CMOS or BIOS.i really dont know now what shall i do?why am i unable to see all these booting options.whats wrong wit this laptop?


Every computer will have the ability to go into the CMOS setup. When you power on the computer, if you dont see a message about hitting the DEL key or F1 or something to that effect, you'll need to visit Acer's website and get that documentation.

For you to be able to install a clean, fresh OS on that system, you will need to either boot from DVD media or a USB key. Either option requires that those devices have a higher priority that the hard drive.

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